Omlet Eglu Cube

Their house is here, all we need now are the chickens. It was decided at the turn of the year that we’d keep some feathered friends, but it’s taken until now to get the pieces in place. Our laying ladies will arrive sometime next month, but the funky and bright Omlet Eglu Cube arrived last week.

Omlet Eglu Cube parts
The Omlet Eglu Cube and run: a colourful DIY hen house 

We’ve been at home this week, so on Tuesday we took advantage of the fine weather and assembled our feathery friends’ new home in the early evening sunshine. The contents of seven boxes spread themselves almost completely over the rear lawn, but with screwdrivers in hand, and in two and-a-bit hours, we’d turned the lime green and grey 3D jigsaw into something resembling an über-trendy rabbit hutch.

Omlet Eglu Cube in the garden
Modern and trendy enough for chickens in the noughties?

It looks really rather nice, the green outer panels blending in with the garden. It has a cool ‘industrial-ness’ about it too, with its crude moulding edges. It was also easy to put together, using threaded bolts, washers, and clips for the wire fox-proof skirt and run. With its slide out poop trays, chunky plastic roosting bars, and egg-retrieving flap, it’s proper chicken keeping made easy for the 21st century. All sorted then.

Next stop, chickens.